Thursday, November 12, 2015

Get Your Glitter On

Here are a pair of glitters that catch the eye.

Made for a night out because they catch the light and are gorgeous.

I tried them over a navy, with mixed success, to show what their bones are.

Hard Candy Fabuluxe

Uniform glitters and a pretty hot pink that is a bit textured without a topcoat.
I've done two coats here.

I purchased this on eBay in a big Hard Candy Lot.

Maybelline Fuschsia Fling

If there is one thing I love is a color that is made up of other colors. Composed of a purple and a red glitter it just is a love.

This is two coats and no top coat. Pretty smooth finish without the top coat.

Long discontinued Dollar Tree gold cap, I was going to unload this, but ended up keeping it after trying it out.

It's such a win.

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