Monday, November 23, 2015

Ripe Plums Are Falling

Gather this one in your basket, if you please.

Maybelline Plushed Plum

One coat, no top coat.

This is an old Dollar Tree acquisition (just wanted to use "Dollar Tree" and "acquisition" in a sentence, I mean how often do I get to do that?) which has remained rather ignored. Ignored I tell you. Why, who knows.

A complex frost in a rebirth of frosts in a pretty banal array to choose from. This one has so much complexity I can't stand it. At once it's a blue toned purple and you can see the blue base almost like it's got blue shimmer, then it demurs into an earthy plum shade with brown undertones.

It's very sophisticated and looks like it is aping something with a much better address - aka Paris - and does a great job of it. The color shift is subtle, grown-up, and startling. 

I mentioned one coat, but I also need to mention that it was particularly excellent to work with. Full of some old chemistry, though.

It is on eBay, not to be confused by the Color Show version with the gold flake in it.

Thank you so much for reading my little nail polish journal! 


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