Saturday, November 21, 2015

Grape and Gold

I thought I had blogged Colorama Grape Spritzer before, but apparently I didn't.

It's a pretty, rich shade that is almost violet, but falls short. It has some gold shimmer, but it is too demur. It is, though, a sheer piece of work: not the kind you celebrate, but the kind you gnash your teeth at because it's just not building very well in three coats. 

I dumped mine into an old Borghese bottle of white that was very nearly empty and it added some density. Then I poured in a bit of OPI Diva of Geneva (I have three bottles, how did that happen?), then a few drops of some Borghese Mezanotte Blue. Finally I decanted a bit of Revlon Gold Goddess (blogged here) into the mix.


Improved, in my humble opinion. I admit after I took my photos, I put more of the gold flake into the bottle.

Three coats, except I only put two coats on my pinkie. 

I think it's definitely improved it, though some might not like the flake, I kind of love it. 

I don't miss Grape Spritzer, but I am sorry I didn't get it blogged before I rebooted it, a before and after would have been nice.


Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Your frankens turn out so good! I have a make your own kit I need to play around with ...


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