Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pierre Balman Twilight

House of Balmain.

The day.

The structure.

The post war New Look taken to architectural heights.

I found a bottle of Pierre Balmain nail polish on eBay and thought "what is this little thing?" It was pretty cheap from a European seller and man, what a beauty.

Pierre Balmain Twilight

I mean, really?

This did need three coats, and I've not put on a top coat here.

It's gorgeous!!

Dusty eggplant.

It has toluene as the first ingredient, but the formula is so amazing I won't tamper with it and try to evaporate it out. It's just a sweet little bottle shape with a blue and gold cap. Very retro and so thoroughly delightful.

I don't know when this may have been at the fine counters in Paris, but they don't have any beauty products on their current website. I have a loose understanding about toxic cosmetic ingredients products banned in European cosmetics versus US, so maybe this was part of the fallout. When, I don't know. Be aware that toxic varies based on how much you are exposed to.

Here's a photo of the box, and you can see in some light it goes a little darker.

Meanwhile: lovely!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


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