Monday, November 16, 2015

Sheers, Sheers, Sheers

So versatile.

Layering under, over, around. To me a good sheer is great as a one coater. I have to say that "water polish" and jellies can be exasperating because they need to be applied very correctly to achieve and even color. I've got Maybelline and Zoya and I won't lie, it's not pretty and I have kept them, why I am not sure...but that's another story.

Meanwhile, here are some sheers that do the job in one sheer coat. Some of these build better than others, but at one coat, they are just right for layering.

Sally Hansen Cherry Nice

Can I get an Amen! This is one coat of heaven. It's bright, but cool at the same time. Raising a ruckus!

One thing I've discovered is that Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure had a few of these really amazing sheers, I was on the verge of purging, but as I try these out the wow factor is off the charts.

Still roaming around eBay. Nice!

New York Color Glossies 237

Sheer shimmers often leave me in a lurch. They are patchy, they don't cover well enough to really leave you enough wiggle room to one coat.

Well, this one did. NYC Glossies are really kind of underrated, they all seem to have this translucence about them, it must have been the "thing" about this line.

Old Dollar Tree purchase. Finally blogged. This one is great over glitters, too. Enough shimmer to play around and enough pigment in the base, to cover in one pretty decent coat.

On eBay, so it's not completely gone.

New York Color Glossies 221

One delicious melon pink coat foamy shimmer: not a full on shimmer, but not a creme at all. Soft shimmer in a pretty little package.

I blogged this before, here, but I believe that my stained nails didn't really help show off this sweet polish.

Candy shell goodness, eh?

I don't know why I had this in the purge pile, I am so glad I re-evaluated it!

And it's still on eBay! Yay!

L'Oreal Drumbeat Red

Perfect pure red. One coat. It is beautiful. No playing around with deep red, orange red, blue red, just red. No top coat, but quite glossy. I love the formula, but it's old chemistry, so it does stink a bit.

I wanted to show how nice these types of polishes look when layered. I put this one over NOPI Canadian Star.

I love how it suddenly becomes a blue tone red, but still enables the sparkling glass fleck to show through. Better still, you don't see the blue jelly in NOPI CS, but it does imbue Drumbeat Red with a cooler tint. It's layering heaven.

Drumbeat Red was a Dollar store purchase, and it is available online.

I also think that the new lines of polishes by OPI, Essie and others do similar things as these polishes, albeit not with any finish but sheer cremes, so these old polishes are right on trend.

Personally I don't get a thrill layering over a chrome. Now a foil, a glitter, a glass fleck or a flakie? That's another turtle on another Galapagos Island. Ya know? You feel the variations, if you get my drift.

Down the road I hope to get some of these new polishes to experiment with, but in the meantime, I've got these guys in my stable.

Thanks so much for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Interesting little gems!! That "melon pink" had me til you layered the last one, nice wow!


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