Friday, November 20, 2015

Glitters of the Purple Variety

A pair of glitters that I've been wanting to swatch.

Milani Lavender

A purple and blue/purple glitter mix in a clear base. Sadly, the suspension base would not jibe with my white polish I wore below. This is two coats and I think it's a perfect topper as it isn't really dense enough to work as a full coverage glitter polish.

Unfortunately I couldn't make my formula much of a win, and I think a sponge application would only dent the white and make it muddy.

As much as I adore Milani's regular polishes and find it very hard to fault their formula, the glitter polishes are not working out the way I'd hoped. I have a number of these and as I swatch the ones in a suspension base I discover this melting characteristic. And even if I try it out over a rock-hard-three-day-old-manicure it still just reacts and rewets the base. Frustrating.

This is available at the Dollar Tree, though it can vary with inventory, etc.

Hard Candy Hot Pants

Two coats.

I like the pale violet mauve base. Also instead of a holographic glitter, it's got a pretty iridescent metallic glitter. Pretty, delicate, and subtle.

I think putting this over a soft rose pink or a soft mauve would be pretty spectacular.

I found this one a very workable formula and no playing around with it melting the polish below.

This was part of that big Hard Candy purchase I made on eBay, it's still all over eBay, too.

Thanks so much for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I got this Milani glitter but I haven't used it other than nail wheel searching, that is interesting about it melting the base layers...the Hard Candy is pretty

    1. I think it is the base they use, more of a suspension base than older ones that settle.
      It's a bit frustrating at times.


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