Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Color To Layer

We've all seen swatches of The Color to Watch from OPI's Swiss collection from 2010. It was full of very nice polishes. I didn't have a strong urge to buy all of them at once, but I seem to have a lot of these in my collection.

When I first tried The Color to Watch, I thought, hmmm, topper.

OPI The Color to Watch

Four coats, mind you, which is pretty much a turnoff for a lot of people. Understandably.

TCTW is a beautiful shifting blue/purple shimmer in a ground of mousy brown/gray. The shimmer, when worn alone, takes center stage; rightly so because it is quite beautiful.

I then put it over Borghese Celestiale Silver, first Celestiale Silver swatch:

A platine metallic that hovers between silver and gold, but really is a gilded silver. It's a foil that has a touchy formula, unfortunately. I will say that Borghese might have been a real win of a polish line if they didn't just mess up on enough pigmentation to get decent coverage with things like shimmer.

Three coats here, but a bit patchy and sheer. It's a bummer because I love the shade. In a nutshell, I've got some other glitters in this color family, so I won't rue the loss of this one.

Now as a base for OPI The Color to Watch, it's stellar:

Suddenly this mousy ground comes not only to the fore, but moves the shimmer into more of an accent mode.

I've got two coats, so three coats makes the shimmer stand out, but I love how suddenly you can see the base is the star and it's a gorgeous marriage of brown and blue in the same way that Chanel Sweet Star does. (man, I realize I haven't blogged that yet! I need to get on that one!)

I am glad I discovered this, because I was on the verge of moving this polish along. I really have had a change of heart.

Celestiale Silver isn't the win I'd hoped, but at least I've rediscovered The Color to Watch.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Yay purple :D. I bought OPI Color to Watch about a year ago, and have not yet gotten around to figuring it out. I like to swatxh them in nail wheels so the 4 coaters are obvious, but after that I was not sure what to do for a base layer...I don't think I have anything like that one you used, but it can help me think outside the box (again). I am soooo unimaginative with my polish combos :D

  2. I think any silver foil, or something like Essie Jiggle High Jiggle Low or OPI I Only Drink Champagne.

    I didn't try it on a deeper shade, but I think taupe would be great to bring out that base.

    1. I have a SH Xtreme Wear (I think it is Celeb City) silver foil I could try. A taupe would also be interesting, I just got Sinful Colors Nirvana today at Ealmart, though I knew damn well I have plenty of dupes and near dupes..

    2. Try it! I would love to see! I think this is a great way to wear this polish!


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