Saturday, October 24, 2015

Oops, I Duped It Again

It's a bit of a nice thing to buy a backup of a polish you really and utterly adore, quite another when you buy a dupe of something that is good, but not a thrill, it's a little bit of a let down.

I had originally purchased Nicole by OPI Me + Blue either at TJ Maxx or on deep discount at Shopko. I was pretty please because I like a holo glitter. I pretty much have put it on the back burner. 
The other day I was in TJ Maxx and found OPI Blue Chips (a re-label of the puntastic OPI Ulta Exclusive The Flowers are Blue-Ming) and completely forgot that I had NOPI Me + Blue.

I decided to see if in fact it was just re-labled NOPI or possibly I had something different.

Here are the bottle shots:

Don't be alarmed: the NOPI brush was disintegrating and I just decanted it into an old Color Club top coat bottle.

In the bottle there is a scattered holo along with a pretty bright blue shimmer. As you shall see, it is a somewhat frosty shimmer, too. Interesting choice.

Let's get get busy!

Nicole by OPI Me + Blue and OPI Blue Chips

Three coats. 

Left to right:

I can't tell the difference. I mean except that there is a touch more coverage on the NOPI and it seems a bit darker. But, it's negligible.

I then popped it over black to see its "bones".

Pretty interesting! You've got a scattered holo and a blue shimmer that pulls a bit frosty. It almost looks a bit turquoise at times, too.

Here is a closer shot:

The shimmer is less pronounced when you look directly on, but at most angles, aka most of the time, you will see it.

I like it, but it's not a thrill a minute. I do like it over black a lot more than alone. Having said that, I believe over any one of the strong blues that are out these days it will be quite a payoff. 

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Cool! I have the NOPI, and did not know it had an OPI dupe, the OPI name(s) do not ring a bell. I remember wearing the BOPI and liking it very much. I have so much polish, I try to not repeat, but sometimes I just can't help myself....


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