Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Flakies, Flakies, and more Flakies

Sun was out, and I had time to grab some shots.

Essence Glisten Up!

This is such a little gem of a polish.

Really gorgeous.

Two coats over Sally Hansen Marble Creme. For a start it's not just a flakie, it's got a pretty iridescent glitter that works soft magic.

Sally Hansen Marble Creme is such a favorite of mine. It's a seafoam green that isn't just a mint green, it's like a grown up mint green.  J'adore.

Petites Dare 

I had been trying out a purple, a shimmer that I've now since gotten ride of because of toluene, etc, blah blah...meanwhile, I wanted to wear Petites Dare to decide about it, again.

I'd blogged it here before over a light blue, but wanted to see what it looked like over a deeper shade. Plus it had been really a minor player once Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure came on the scene.

Fortunately the flakies pop out a bit better, which really helps. 

I did want to show Hidden Treasure over Marble Creme, too.

Many people, I see, seem to think that Hidden Treasure is full of these intense greens and oranges, but pop it over a pastel and voila! you've got a beauty.

This is two coats.

This is Marble Creme after its been evaporated down to almost a solid block and I added thinner and some clear polish to bring it back. It still is a low-pigment polish (kid yourself not, Sally Hansen was a cheap piece of work on pigment on this polish), but it's not a complete bear to wrestle into drying and application.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I like the Essence polish a lot, I don't have many, and the Ulta that just opened by my house was cleaned out of them, which I thought was very interesting.

    I love that Petites Dare, tho more over this darker color than the linked post, but it's still pretty!

    I don't have the SH Hidden Treasure or Essie counterpart, but I got plenty of the last Fingerpaints flakies collection, so I feel completely covered there! Lol

    That SH CSM Marble Creme is getting a work out.. How similar is it to China Glaze For Audrey or Zoya Wednesday, I wonder...

  2. Marble creme is more dusty, I should compare those!

    I get Essence at Fred Meyer, which is a PNW regional retailer. They are a pretty great deal for what you get.


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