Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pearly Opals

Layering is something I've not really delved into for many posts, so I wanted to have a shot at it.

I've got Sally Hansen Sheer Joy over a warm nude, whose name I've forgotten (!), then topped it with SinfulColors Green Ocean.

It's a real surprise to see how in the sun the bright aqua flakes show pink, purple, salmon and amber.

Here you can see the pink a bit better.

I love this a lot. I was very surprised to see these colors come out, too, because while Green Ocean is a pretty shade, it looks so monotone over black.  I know mylar flakies bring out the pretty pink and purple opalescence, but the salmon and amber is nice, too.

In the shade, the story gets better:

You can see a stronger salmon color, but the aqua pops off the contrast of the soft  amber background.

Although the mylar flakies do overflow the nail here and there, I could live with it.

There is something kind of like pearls in the sunlight.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I am so unimaginative that since it is called Green Icean and has a green tinted base, I probably have only tried it over darker cooler colors. I really gotta think outside the nail polish box!


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