Monday, October 26, 2015

Ghoulish Water Marbling

Here are a pair of water marbles that are just right for the season!

First off, I've picked up some latex body paint on Amazoid and put a bit into an empty striping polish container. It's pretty much life changing - when I use it right! I'll discuss it a bit more with each photo.

WetnWild Inferno and Borghese black

I love the color combination.

I had WnW Inferno as a base coat, which means that it supports the orange in the water marble, because over a black base it would be far to sheer.

Now, you can see that I dipped my fingers deep into the  water marbling jar and got it all over. When I used the latex paint I painted closely around the nail, leaving a bit of the edge, an down to the first knuckle...well, you can see I passed the knuckle.

It has to be said that nail polish remover isn't a complete panacea for removing pigment once it gets into the cracks of your skin.

Sally Hansen Snappy Creme and Leather Creme

Totally brings out the yellow in Snappy Creme. I think it looks a bit like decaying flesh, but I'm not much into zombies and such. Though it does have that melting face thing, which I do like.
I guess I still go out to the barn by myself and think I'm in World War Z or something and once I turn on the barn lights I'll see a herd of zombies in the barn aisle.
(unless they don't like horse pooh, in which case I'm safe if I hide in the muck heap.)

This time around I pretty much covered myself down to the second knuckle and did not get it all over me. Still, I had leftover black and orange on my hands.

My experience with the latex body paint was successful, inasmuch as I learned that it's really helpful when I apply enough to cover my fingers.

Thanks for reading my little nail journal!


  1. LOL great post! I did the same with ordering liquid latex from Amazon and it all over my bathroom sink counter...but hey, easy clean up when it dries! And then I've never used it!!

    I just chopped my nails, so now I'm not feeling any art efforts...enjoying some spritely touch typing on the work laptop tho!

    1. Yeah, I had hot pink splatter in places that kind of surprised me!


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