Monday, September 7, 2015

The Down and Dirty

Sometimes a frankening is a slow and methodical affair. You know what you want you know and test your elements and you get what you are after.

Sometimes it's just got this, got that, see if it works.

This is Borghese Amythesta Gold. One of the "sitting on a shelf at Ross or TJ Maxx" purchases. 

But as much as Pantone touts marsala as "color o' the year" it's not really catching fire in the nail polish arena. As an eyeshadow or blush, very nice, but on the nails, it kind of reeks of '80's business as normal.
Now, to be speaking truth here, most people think that in the '80's everyone dressed like Madonna from Like a Virgin. (Truth be said the audience that night after she writhed on stage was in shock, but girl brought everyone out of the 70's that night. She was so delightfully down and dirty herself!). 
No, we didn't. Most of the time it was boring colors like Amethysta Gold. 

So I think we aren't ready to embrace such a retro shade.

I wasn't either.

So I threw in a bottle of Ettusans gold glass fleck that was going nowhere and some remainder of some Spectraflair that I'd had and got this.

Down and dirty. I'd blogged Ettusans here, and this wasn't much better but in the mix it's formula fail is a non-issue.

Although all the sparkle won't show up anywhere else but in sunshine, it lifts this polish out of boredom for me. 

Excuse the slap dash mani, too. I wanted to catch the afternoon sun before it slipped behind the trees.

Down and dirty all around.

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