Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What? Another Purple? Orchid You Not!

I used to know an attorney who always said "I sh!t you not!" following what was invariably a really funny story. Godspeed one great guy.

Back to nail polish...

Nicole by OPI Orchid You Not!

Three coats and a beautiful medium purple with an implication of dustiness, but not totally squashed into gray, which is a welcome relief.

No top coat. This is on par with OPI's salon line, the formula was very good. 

I found this at TJ Maxx and am not sure if it's a relabeled NOPI, but it probably is. I don't follow the NOPI celebrity collaborations very closely and this might be from one of those, but when they finally arrive at Ross - OPI or NOPI - they are more often divested of those names that make them readily tied to that person's brand.

Meantime, this is a good option for soft orchid. I think my photo pulls a tiny bit blue. Purples are often my challenge.

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