Thursday, August 20, 2015

Oh The Flame! Part 1

Back in the day, aka about 2 years ago, I randomly came across a blog post about Perfect Holographic polishes. Tiny little bottles made in Russia packed with holographic madness.

I found them painstakingly on eBay through international sellers.

There are eight and they are great.

Very simple: two coats, no top coat and one lamp to photograph them.

More notes:

  • These are still around on eBay, but more scarce.
  • The holo will sink and you will be left with a jelly, so shaking these well before application is a must.
  • All of these dragged on the first coat, I found using a matte base coat much more successful, but even then, gentle application won the day.



Purple. Pure and simple.
The flame on these is mad good.


Simple Silver. Simply perfect.


I think this is either their red or coral pink, there is an orange that is more warm, but it looks like an orange in some lights.
Still just a beauty.


Beautiful aquamarine blue. J'adore!

Part two soon!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. These are all really pretty especially the coral one. Oh, the flame!!!

    1. I agree! These are really very gorgeous holos! :D


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