Sunday, July 19, 2015

Twelve Shimmers - Part 2

Welcome back! Part 1 can be seen here.

Finally blogging Rodeo Diva Collection by China Glaze. One of those really great collections that didn't have a ton of throwaway "dang I've already got that" shades of red.

I don't buy as many collections any more, but this really hits the spot.

The basics:
  • All of these are shimmers
  • All are three coats
  • All are without a top coat
  • All are over a nude base and no ridge filler

China Glaze Cowgirl Up

Delightful. Please enlarge to see the red and blue shimmer that just parties it's pants off in this pretty violet purple.

Can I get an "amen"? It's a shimmer packed with, well, shimmer. Love, love, love.

China Glaze Side-Saddle

While this one can read brown, it's purple base loaded with gold and burgundy shimmer. Reminds me of a cognac or brandy shade. I guess it's got a leather look to it.

Back in the 80's I rode in a side saddle a few times. Let me just say that it keeps you thinking about your posture 100% of the time.

I love this polish, it's gorgeous, I still file it under purple, but it's almost a brown in some lighting.

China Glaze Golden Spurs

Golden Spurs is less gold than a gold infused warm beige that tips over into the tan territory. I've got a love for this polish because it reminds me a pony named Rajah who was bold as brass over fences, but could drop his shoulder and dump you to remind you that you needed to "be a crew member, not just a passenger."

I'd call this one Golden Palomino, but then again there are a billion shades of palomino, so horse folks, don't beat my up. My horse is brown.

China Glaze Lasso My Heart

Beautiful light plum shade mixed with some pink shimmer and gold, but in a very subtle fashion, almost looks like a foil.

Hard to fault and one of my favorites. I think the understated shade of purple makes it less of a standout in regard to impact, but the colors mixed into this shimmer are beautiful.

China Glaze Branding Iron

This one is a stand out. Glowing red shimmer in a black base. It's gorgeous. 

Similar to Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco, blogged here.

Love these shades a lot.

China Glaze Gussied Up Green

A beautiful green that shifts into pine at times. Quite a lovely polish. Dense green shimmer that doesn't depend on a black base.  It's got that "black around the edges" thing, which is also nice.

There you have it, a lovely set of shimmers. No apologies, no cremes, but a lot of imaginative shades that still hold their own in my collection.

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