Friday, July 17, 2015

Twelve Shimmers - Part 1

Rodeo Diva collection by China Glaze was one of those epic collections that really nailed every single shade. I started out by buying this whole thing online and really haven't taken time to blog about it. I've had this in the "to blog" drawer forever. Finally getting it done. Yay!

If there is a one thing I will say, it isn't very traditional. It discards the "3-2 reds" for a great pair of greens, some unusual purples, and some neutrals that are a bit of a head turner.

The basics:

  • All of these are shimmers
  • All are three coats
  • All are without a top coat
  • All are over a nude base and no ridge filler

China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic

Oh yes.

Peacock or Indian Teal. Either way, just gorgeous. This metallic shimmer is hard to beat. I have China Glaze Tongue in Chic, but didn't compare it here, and will say that this is brighter, has the blue highlights that make it less dowsed than TiC. Also it's a cleaner shade than TiC.

China Glaze Red Stallion

A medium red with gold shimmer. Very traditional, except the gold shimmer warms it up. It is quite a luminous red and keeps it from becoming "just another red". Won't say that there aren't other red shimmer's with gold, but this one is subtle on that point and seems to make this polish pulsate.

Meanwhile, thank you China Glaze for the shout out to the Walter Farley Island Stallion books starring Flame, the Red Stallion. Yee haw! (oops, that's coming up!)

China Glaze Prize Winning Mare

You can't have the Red Stallion without a Prize Winning Mare, right?

I guess you'd call an oxidized brass shimmer. It has, like Rodeo Fanatic, that light and dark brushed metal look to it that I like a lot. It will be featured in an upcoming mani, too.

Not much else to say, except that it's rather nice. Similar to an old WetnWild Craze I have called Shield, but has more "life" to it because of the shimmer.

China Glaze Midnight Ride

A very blackened eggplant. It will show more shimmer under flash or sunshine, but it's a vamp and it makes no bones about it. This one feels like it could be a little bit of a let down if you think it's anything other than a dark, dark, dark purple polish.

Meanwhile. It's not bad at all, just a nearly black purple. It's a true purple, though and not a navy, unfortunately in normal room lighting, it will look black. Vamps will do that.

China Glaze Yee Haw

This one was hard to photograph. It's an apricot coral with gold shimmer sprinkled generously into the mix. It's an unusual shade.

They should have called this one Chestnut Gelding. Gotta cover your bases!

China Glaze Wagon Trail

Reeeeeaaaaallllly gorgeous. Green lovers: you need this. An olive green that really takes the cake. Shimmer delves into the dark, and you can see some warm tones of amber in this polish under better light, I caught a scant bit of it on my ring finger, but not enough to really see it well.

Multi-tasking from green into some black with gold, this is a pretty great little polish.

That's it for part one, I did buy this through either Head2Toe or 8Ty8, and it was cool because they sent me the original boxes.

Part two coming soon!

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