Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pale Blue Shimmers - Part 1

Blue seems to be a theme for the summer, I'll run with it.

If there is something I am crazy about, it's shimmers with other shimmers in them. Here are a bunch that are in the same family: blue, but with another shimmer thrown in.

All are no top coat, all are pretty much sheers and I've set them up as follows:
Left to right:

  • Two coats over Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
  • Three coats alone
  • Two coats over Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
  • Three coats alone

L'Oreal Blue-By-U

Starting with my favorite. It's an old L'Oreal I found at the Dollar tree many moons ago.

This really is such a win. It doesn't battle Pacific Blue, but accents it well. Best of all, the lilac shimmer shows up nicely.

A quick browse shows me that this one might be pretty hard to find.

Maybelline Blue Craze

This one if much weaker in the lavender shimmer and somewhat more bland on the nail. I won't lie that this was harder to photograph, but I won't say that it's some kind of purple shimmer monster, either. The blue is a bit flat and lackluster as well, I see yellow undertone and that could be part of the oxidization that occurs in the what-is-supposed-to-be clear base.

Currently on eBay, so it's not impossible to find. Pretty in the bottle, you can see the purple shimmer, but it isn't as strong as I'd hoped.

Ozotic 744

When this one came out I about flipped out, it's gorgeous.

Fairly decent coverage at three coats, but over SH Pacific Blue, it's at it's best. I will say that it pales slightly compared to L'Oreal Blue-By-U, but has better coverage and is a beautiful pink shimmer that is just lovely. It behaves similar to a duochrome, it looks more blue in some light and more pink in others. I think a base brings it out a bit better.

Here the periwinkle base is a star, and over SH  PB it's a super star.

Ozotic: gone. Good luck finding it. Boo hoo Ozotic.

Urban Decay Graffiti

This is lighter and more sheer than than the L'Oreal, but does a good showing over SH Pacific Blue. I think it is okay alone, but do like it over a more intense hue.  The light blue is very pretty, too.

I found these on eBay and am not sure if  you'd call it a duochrome, though there is some shift to blue in the shimmer, it's so subtle, I'd hardly put it into that category.

I didn't bother with comparisons, I love the L'Oreal the best because it exhibits all the best of these types of polishes: pretty light blue and oomph in the shimmer.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. They're all good but the L'Oreal is best...I think I have that Ozotic, maybe? Need to bust that out for summer, so pretty!


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