Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Poussin's Palette

Blue and gold have a regal quality.

I was looking online at some Baroque era paintings and found Poussin's regular use of rich blue and gold. 

This is Sally Hansen Pacific Blue with OPI Oy Another Polish Joke as an accent then topped with OPI Text You-Text Me (three coats).

I have to admit, I love it a lot.

Oy Another Polish Joke is absolutely a bright yellow gold that reminds me of 24 karat gold. Crazy nice!!!

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue is now reformulated with a deeper shade. It still is available on eBay and various job lot type of resellers. OPI Oy Another Polish Joke is from the 2013 Euro Centrale Collection, which had a lot of hits, but a lot of misses.

Finally OPI Text You-Text Me is also around, but I can't figure out what collection it might have come from. I will say that it's akin to a thinned out version of China Glaze Golden Enchantment.
It has a topcoat quality: it is shiny and dries well.

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