Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pantone Universe Jewel Lacquer Parachute Purple

Quite the name!

My sister got me this for Christmas 2012 and I've had it in the "to be swatched drawer" ever since. Shame on me, because it is a gorgeous polish.

A one coater but I have two. No top coat, either.

Meanwhile, does it remind you of something? It reminds me of RBL Scrangie.

I swatched it here.

Truly a gorgeous polish and from their Jewel Lacquer collection that was pretty tight, but didn't really turn my head. Then I got this in the mail and WOW!  I think they put out tiny little collections or sets, then they disappear. These are sold through Sephora, but you can find older stuff on eBay for a pretty decent price. You can't find this one, though.

The bottles are hefty, bottom heavy for better balance and deceptively small. You think you have more polish than you do, but it's a gorgeous polish so I can live with that!

I now file it right next to my RBL Scrangie and am glad to have a backup of that color.  

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Great one! I feel the purple tone is prettier with this one, than Scrangie, which has more red in it, at least in real life.

  2. I can't believe you had this beauty languishing for so long. It is stunning!

    1. I know. I honestly thought it was a glass fleck topper until I swatched it.



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