Thursday, July 30, 2015

Another Big Glitter Post

Back in 2011 WetnWild did a limited edition collection called Ice Baby. It was under their Coloricon line, which seems to no longer be in production as a nail polish line, but still as a makeup line. They had a good run under that name for polishes, coming out with the Be Jeweled collection, blogged here and here.

There was a lot of buzz around the collection because it was one of the first drug store lines that came out with a bunch of great glitters that seemed to emulate a lot of what was happening with indies. 

Around that time I was at the local mall and went into a Rue 21 and hit their little polish display up and found a four-set of some very nice glitters by Dare, who is made by Anise.

Then the WnW Ice Baby came out at Rite Aid and when I saw the polishes, I realized I had some dupes from that set, so instead of buying the whole collection, I just tried to fill in the blanks.

OK, so much preamble. Let's get busy.

I put these over white and tried to achieve a bit of coverage, but didn't labor over it.
No top coat. I'll discuss finish because I think these were texture, at least the WnW seems to be.

WetnWild 24 Carat

This is a very fine and small bar glitter that is sort of the bar glitter version of OPI's Gift of Gold because it has gold bar glitter and then a rich copper bar glitter mixed in to give it a bit more dimension. The gold is fairly neutral, but the copper warms things up.

This is three coats. The texture of normal glitter polish.

Peeve on this polish? Gold is in karats, diamonds are in carats. Moving on.

Edited: upon closer inspection of the photo the fine glitter in this is actually a soft pale rose pink! Many apologies!

WetnWild Back Alley Deals

Beautiful glitter combo. Purple fine glitter that is very dense mixed in with a larger magenta glitter. When you mix it with the smaller glitter, though, my camera sees purple, or violet rather than magenta.

If this is supposed to be a texture, I'm not sure. It is like regular glitter and not terribly bumpy.

WetnWild Diamond in the Rough

I have to admit when I add a gray glitter to my collection I am very pleased. This is a neutral gray fine glitter peppered with a holographic small glitter. There is a texture to this, but to be honest, it works as a texture, without, though, the intense "dry" glitter look that some impart, nor the real shiny bumpy type either. Some help I am, right? To be honest if I were going to wear this, I'd just toss on a top coat and run.

Three coats, good coverage.

WetnWild Rockin' Rubies

I apologize for the white showing around the edges on this one. Eep.

Three coats here. A fine glitter that is mixed with a pink iridescent glitter. Clever combination that melds well together. I like this one a lot.

WetnWild Give Me A Price Quote

This is the final WetnWild offering in this post.

It's a three coater green gold that is pure bar glitter. It's not bad, but not a complete thrill-a-minute for me. I probably could play around with some layering, though and it would be more of a pleasure.

Texture is pretty flat and normal for glitter. Three coater.

Edited: I was looking at this photo again and realize I was wrong: it's not pure bar glitter, it's a bar glitter with a fine glitter of the same glitter mixed in. Many apologies!

Dare no name purple glitter

This vibrant purple is full of very fine glitter and some medium sized glitters all of the same shade of violet.
This one doesn't seem to have a corollary in the WnW Ice Baby collection, but I wanted to throw it in.
Three coats, normal glitter texture.

Dare no name blue glitter

While I'm not entirely sure if this is a dupe of WnW Cost Is No Issue, if I recall when I brought my bottle to the store, it seemed very close. (yes, I was that full on nerd for this one)

Three coats. Lots of find turquoise glitter and a bright blue larger glitter that pushes into cobalt but also appears aquamarine blue, too. Very pretty and I like this one a lot.

Dare no name dark blue glitter

I apologize for lack of a better photo. This is a nice glitter polish. Bright blue packed with magenta glitter. Dead on dupe of Believe Me, It's Real.

Three coats and a bit lumpy, but really seems like normal glitter. I think a top coat would have enhanced this one a bit more. I may start wearing top coats more frequently.

Meanwhile, love this one a lot.

Dare no name lavender

A dupe of WnW It's All In The Cut and I love the lavender and pink glitter, it's so nice. Good coverage in three coats with a bit of holographic mirror going on with some of the glitters.
Love this one, too.

On the whole, I think these are cool glitters and love the combinations.

The Dare polishes seem to come out seasonally and with small sets containing different variations. I haven't followed them closely, but a browse on eBay seems to produce sparse results.
The WetnWild polishes, though, are around, but not cheap. Falling into the indie price range, eep.

Ultimately it boils down to who makes what. A perennial question. Does WetnWild and Anise share the same production? Why did Anise come out with identical polishes at the same time as WetnWild?

Going through a period of just swatching like mad, so thanks for your patience on the oldie-but goodies!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!

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