Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hard Candy Sky

Though I don't follow Hard Candy very closely, I do recall they made a big change in their polishes a few years ago. Dumped a bunch of standard shades and rehashed them with a bunch of glitter/creme combos derived right out of the indie playbook. They also changed the bottles to a tube thing

I found a huge set of job lotted older Hard Candy's on eBay and picked them up for quite cheaply. Heres one that I love a lot.

Hard Candy Sky

Sky is a super pale blue that leans more into an "ice" shade than a pastel. Better still it harbors a rich secret shimmer that is both delightful and hard to photograph.

I have three coats here over a nude. It's not the most perfect formula: no self leveling, and definitely needs three coats, but the shimmer/creme combination is right on target. 

I heard that they were doing some sort of re-issue of these shades as limited editions and their website shows locations, but not polishes. These are, per some simple research, their earlier versions than the plentitude of job lotted stuff you can find on eBay. I don't know if the version I have is identical to the original, but it doesn't matter, it stands alone on its own merit.

As I said in my last paragraph, there is a ton of Hard Candy still on eBay and if you missed any of these, that could be a good resource. Probably Amazon, too.

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  1. Definitely pretty, but I have a hard time with a polish that doesn't self level. Sad too since that shimmer is incredible!

    1. Yes, once you wear those well formulated polishes, it's a letdown you definitely notice.


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