Monday, June 15, 2015

White Clouds in a Blue Sky

Here are two glitters that needed an outing.

Glitzology Partly Cloudy

A mix of blue and white glitter in a variety of sizes and shapes: white hex (2 sizes), square, and bar, then blue in small square and some lighter blue round as well as a pearly light blue square. Added all into a shimmering luster suspension base.

I got this directly through Glitzology on Etsy as a good will gesture when a polish I did buy didn't look anything like the one in the photo. Meanwhile, this is a freaking win. WIN I tell you!!!

It is dense, full of great shapes and that lovely shimmer base just sings with this glitter combo. It is two coats here over Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau. I wanted to utilize a base color that would show up the white glitters a lot, they are absolutely gorgeous.

Rave, rave, rave for this polish. Sadly Glitzology has closed her Easy shop. Sad because even though that one polish was a miss, this one is such a spicy little number. 

Reminds me of dancing water on the surface of a swimming pool. Dive in.

Different Dimensions Never Grow Up

If my enthusiasm for this one is less than out there, it is because this one is a bear of a polish. This is four coats. Four. Not only did I have to fish for glitter, nothing seemed to settle and level out.

Here you can see the lumpiness, and I have to say this photo mitigated it. My index (most distant) finger, looks like I've buried a small aardvark under my nail polish.

The white base was a bit too dense to enable the glitters to shine though and it seems like it doesn't capitalize on these great glitters.

My thought was to sponge apply the glitter. I'd heard that this was a good method and have tried it a number of times with mixed results.

You could say that my results were mixed:

Now this was a hot mess. While I did get more glitter onto the nail, it seems like I had little control and the mess was really bad around my nails.

I used acetone for clean up and it wreaked havoc on my cuticles. I still wasn't feeling the win on this one. Really frustrating.

Honestly what a mess. I even got glitter on my knuckle! Good grief!

So looking at photos online, it appears to normally have more of a translucent base. And, even worse for me, people make it looks like a great polish. I make it look like a bad franken!

I have mixed feelings. I love these kind of glitters, but I am not feeling the win. Might just thin and retry. We'll see.

Third, bonus....

Smitten Polish Winter Is Coming

I just had to reblog this beauty. No muss, no fuss. I love this baby. Three coats and all that blue glitter.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!

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