Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Navy and Light Blue Stamping

Just a quick change of pace from all the glitters.

Back in 2013 Pueen came out with their Sumptuous Gallery plate collection and I was very excited to get it.

As I get a bit better at stamping, it's nice to have Pueen on hand and currently available at their site.

Here is Plate 01

Since it has a lot of full sized nail designs, it's pretty nice, even though there is the half moon design at the bottom, that is a non-issue with short nails like mine.

The image size, as I measure it:
Width: 13mm
Center height: 15mm
Outside height: 17mm

On a good day this is enough length for me. When I'm at maximum length I'm pushing 11-12mm tops. Most of the time I'm about 7-8mm.

Here's the left hand image

I've used Color Club Naughtical Navy as a base and Sally Girl Periwinkle over the top. Still getting my head around stamping, but I love it so much.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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