Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Purple Foilicious

I won't lie. I love foils. Metallic or glass fleck, they turn my head.

Here are three with a comparison and a bonus that arrived in the mail after I'd finished swatching.

No top coats, but layers vary and I'll discuss with each swatch.


Color Club Alter Ego

Blogged twice here, still a lover, wanted to compare these colors, so out it came. The gold fleck foil finish in a foil is delicious!

This is three coats. I think over a deep purple it might show the gold fleck a bit better. 

Ah the days of Ross deals. I miss them!

L.A. Girl Millenium

Three easy coats. I find this brand to be slow-to-normal dry time. I think now that I've rediscovered my Poshe' quick dry top coat, this would be less of an issue than I normally would fuss about, but it is not a zippy formula.

Still, great little foil. Reminds me of the recent Misa Date Nights to the Twilight, which is truly an amazing purple. I won't comp, this is less intense and less blue toned.

Found this one on Discount Cosmetic Outlet. 

Princessa Purple Storm

Blogged before, too, but worth a better outing. 
Three coats, and perhaps my favorite.

I saw a person on MUA post this polish and emailed and bought it from them. Princessa no longer makes this line, but they do packs at Ross. Their website is bizarre, if it's even still up.

Here's a comparison:

Left to right:
Color Club Alter Ego
L.A. Girl Millenium
Princessa Purple Storm

I had just gotten Nubar Vaso in the mail and wanted to snap some pix and pop it on, but didn't get a chance to compare:

This is three coats over the Color Club Alter Ego. I love this!
So glad I got it. Now I need to compare it to a polish I have that is similar, a WnW Lina Gale no name made by Markwin, aka WetnWild blogged here

Until I get that done, thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!

p.s. I just found another I should have added, but too late! Arge!

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