Saturday, May 16, 2015

Color Club Taps Into Tesserae - aka Modern Mosaic Collection Part 1

I found these on Head2Toe Beauty while I was looking for something else. The one thing about Head2Toe is that they have a good selection of Color Club at a great price. Oh, and they take Paypal, which to me is vital. As an aside, I've never (knock wood) had an issue with paypal, which is the big win for me working through their site.

Back to swatches.

So, if you google micro mosaics, you will see some cool 18th and 19th century jewelry, and some artwork as well. It's a nod Ancient Rome's mosaics, and it reemerged in the Renaissance when all things "classical" were not only paving the way for modern man, but redefining culture as a whole.
Spend a bit of time looking at the fine work of micro-mosaic jewelry and art, it's astonishing. 

A few notes before starting:
The formula is a bit thick, so thin coats are a must. 
I'd recommend thinning them after you determine how thick they seem to you, mainly because they can be unwieldy, as I found out.
No top coats
Some texture, but nothing a top coat can't take care of fairly easily.
These are very unique, inasmuch as most of the time people just mix these little glitters in as a background, filler, or mix it up for different sizes. Color Club just said "let's go with little"

In a nutshell the effect is charming, cute, and for spring it's delightful.

This is a "limited edition" collection, made in the USA, I believe most of my CC is made in China.

On to the swatches!

Color Club Subway Station

Soft dove gray and white. This is two coats, I tried three coats to try to achieve coverage. It gets thick, though after two. I redid it and ended up with two coats as a better mix
Two shades of gray that I can see in the bottle. 

One coat over H&M Miss Stone Heart. 
Perfect combination, although I LOVE the H&M, I had to get it in a swap and it's not on their US site, bummer. 
If you love gray, you probably will enjoy Subway Station. I have 1/2 a helmer of gray. Love it!

Color-Club Pixi-Lated

Pale orchid pink glitters, with scant purple glitters along with white. Pretty and soft.
Two coats, although it didn't cover as densely as I would have wished.

One coat of Pixi-Lated over L.A. Colors no name light orchid pink. You can see the white and the purple a bit better. I think this would also be very pretty over a soft pastel yellow.

Color Club Orange Crush

This is perhaps my favorite. A mix of white, yellow and apricot glitters. 

Here it is over American Apparel Palm Springs. I don't think I've blogged Palm springs before, but here it is alone:

Three coats and perhaps one of your better formulas. I really wasn't sure about this color when i first got it - it was part of a job lot on eBay, perhaps those "easy to break bottles" - and put it aside for stamping usage only, but I have VERY few apricot shades so this got pulled out of stamping and put to work for swatching and other things. I kind of love this color. Not sure if it's a win on my skin tone, but I like it a lot.

Part 2  soon!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Since these clearly said limits edition in the display last year, I grabbed a few, the blue....maybe I Ends up with more than one? Fun stuff. :)

    I do love Color Club a lot!! :)

    1. They are cute and I like CC, too. They are a good brand with a lot of diversity. And, let's face it, the best holographic collection with perhaps the exception of Hits or Jade.

  2. The two coats of the Soft dove gray and white is such a beauty! I prefer it than the others. You can def see better the glitters.

    1. I agree, the gray is so nice. I love this one quite a bit.


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