Saturday, April 4, 2015

Jessica Texture Collection Part 2 - Glitters

Hey Sweet People!

Back with a set of Jessica texture polishes I found on Nail Supplies rather randomly.

Here is a back link to part 1.

All are three coats, no top coats. Definitely needed three coats.

As I mentioned in part one, these were slow to dry. In some cases I had to redo them because I'd nudge one thinking it was dry and complete failure to dry occurred. Ugh.

Rough and Ready

I really love these glitter textures. There is just not much fail with a full cover glitter. This is a delightful strawberry red and there is a bit of silver tossed in as well.

Gives Me Goosebumps

Beautiful blue violet type of purple. A little blown out at the top, but captures the color well. Some silver mixed into the purple.

Touch It

Beautiful gold that is fairly neutral for a gold, nothing to suggest a platine, but not super yellow.

Here is trio shot:

Left to right:

  • Rough and Ready
  • Gives Me Goosbumps
  • Touch It

This photo is a bit warm, but shows a bit more texture of the gold.

These are available at, not affiliated. I will say at $4.20 plus the cost of shipping, which begins at about $14 and is usually $16, this means I am prone to buy more polishes when I do order to offset shipping. This breaks down to nearly $5 and at only 11 mL per bottle this isn't quite the "deal" when you add the way the formula performs.

$30 for this formula fiasco. There are days when I wish I could return crap like this to etailers.

Right now I have all of these in a little box until I figure out what to do with these.
It's like the matrix won't hold together and the formula won't evaporate and I'm used to dealing with polishes that are slow to dry (my old Sally Hansen collection has been a LABOR of love on that point).

I will try more base coats and see what is up. Personally, I really hate that I can't use any decent, easily available base coat and make a polish work. This is such a non-issue I never even think about base coats beyond: do I have one.

Meanwhile, I think that there are textures equal to these in look, but certainly with better formulas.

It's not like you want to put a big old quick dry top coat in order to dry it, the texture partially includes that "dry" look that comes with the texture territory.

Thank you for reading my nail polish journal.


  1. Well.. They *look* better/cuter than the others. I guess the whole order was a risk that did not pay off. :(

    1. I did try one of the cremes over a very dry Zoya just to swatch an experiment. That baby dried very fast. Then I did a glitter over the same Zoya and it just would NOT dry.

      Still trying to find a way to make it work.


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