Tuesday, April 7, 2015

SinfulColors Bloom Blast Glitters

SinfulColors did send out an email in February and offered bloggers an opportunity to blog about their polishes. I emailed back and got a few. I'm breaking it up by collection.

The SC Bloom Blast consists of 5 colors, two of which are existing shades that I am familiar with:
Glass Pink and Sail La Vie. The other three, Energetic Red, Tempest, and Island Coral may be existing or new, I don't recognize them, but Tempest seems familiar to me color-wise, if not name-wise. 

There are three glitter polishes which are, to me, rather exciting. Glitter in a crelly base that garners inspiration from many an indie.

All are three coats, all have no top coat.

Flower Power

Mix of magenta, pink, and white glitter in the traditional hex shape and also some small glitter mixed into this pretty bouquet of a polish.
Pretty pale pink crelly provides decent coverage.Enough to cover your nails but also translucent enough to let you see the glitter in the lower layers. 

Standing Bloom Only

Pretty orange crelly with a red glitter base. 
I think down the road I might add a bit of white to this. I love it, but it feels less like spring and more like Suzi Visits Satan's Fiery Pit of H.E.DoubleToothpicks. 
Like chrysanthemums in the early autumn I don't feel spring. 

Petal Be The Day

Love. this. so. hard.
While the lavender crelly base is somewhat, er, weak, the blue and lavender glitters are as beautiful as can be.
I'd wear this over a pale purple of any stripe and the glitters would be perfect. Of the three, this one has the most "invisible" base, which can be great for layering.

These were mailed to me by SinfulColors for review.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. LOL they should have you naming at OPI, that Suzi bit was hilarious (and I agree!)

    I am not sure why Petal is odd one out on the base, but love it anyway, had to have it, already wore it :)

    1. I love it, too! It's almost crying out to be mattified, too.
      Or sandwiched!

    2. I have a tough time ever making myself mattify anything, but sandwich definitely!


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