Thursday, April 2, 2015

Jessica Texture Collection Part 1 - Pastels

I found a set of Jessica Cosmetics textures on NailSupplies when I ordered several other polishes and the end of 2014.

I have to admit this trend doesn't feel like a total fad, it's more like a finish that you can live with or without, and with a topcoat you can do both.


Three are pastels that look like plain creme polishes in the bottle, three are traditional texture glitters. I don't know about you, but I've had many a glitter polish pre-date the texture trend by just being rough by its very nature. 

Tried to get angles to show the texture, which is challenging in the pastels, but not impossible. 

Let's get busy!

A few notes about the pastels.
They have a low profile texture made up by tiny glass beads. It's not bad and not too difficult to cover up with a top coat should you move on past texture.
I will say that these were tricky to get to dry. I had a bit of trouble with them not drying very well. I wanted to attribute this to my base coats, which are basically reworked nudes with some treatment and regular base coat mixed in. The worst part though, was when I tried to wear one again and had a normal base coat and still had issues.
This has really taken a lot of pleasure out of this collection.
Worse still, for me, was that these were over $4 a bottle plus shipping added on at Nail Supplies - which always is a minimum of $14, so easily 50 to 75 cents a bottle.  I am not super pleased and I will try to be neutral on this point in my review because your experience may be different.
I will add, though, that my bases that I used were thin as heck, one coat, and dried to a very hard finish before I even swatched each time. Garrrrgh!!!

Finally: three coats as these are thin polishes. No top coats.

Excite Me

This is a medium lavender. Not bad. I like that it's a clear light purple and not too dusty.

Here is a better image of the texture.

Chills Down Your Spine

You can see in the bottle the translucent beads clinging to the side. This is tricky on the nail because it will read as translucent holes. You need at least three coats on this one.

Here you can see more of that clear bead action. 

White Hot

This is a little under exposed to see the texture. White Hot is a pearly white. I love the pearl finish without frostiness. This is so nice.

Better exposure and you can see, particularly if you enlarge it, the pearly finish. Well, at least in the bottle.

Here is a trio shot:

Left to right:

  • Excite Me
  • Chills Down Your Spine
  • White Hot

If you enlarge, you can see the way the little texture balls make clear windows on the lower layers in the pink polish.

I will say that these days unless the color is particularly RARE or UNIQUE if the formula isn't up to snuff, I feel a strong sense of disappointment. That "spark of joy" to quote Mari Kondo, isn't there.

Soon I will blog about my efforts to upgrade craptastic formulas, but I don't know if I want to do that with these.
Hate to have a grouse-y post, but these really just weren't the win. 

Part 2 soon!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Hmmm, these are kind of different when it comes to texture polish... Sorry they were not a big win.


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