Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pair of Dark Greens

I have a couple of greens to share that are beautiful in their own right, but I felt like comparing them.

First up is Hits Vertigem.

Three coats, delicious pine green that never leaves the shores of absolutely green nail polish. 

No top coat and very glossy. 

This is quite a lovely polish, no complaints.

This is a small bottle that is only 8 mL. I found it on sale for $2 a bottle during a Llarowe sale. I grabbed 2 bottles, it's worth having a backup. 

It does go dark, though:

This is a little less light an you can see it steps into the realm of vampitude with a bit of enthusiasm.

It's still on Llarowe. I've never been able to find the Hits' website but I think that they are a very cool brand!

Next up, OPI Christmas Gone Plaid

This is a classic forest green, almost into the Amazonian Rainforest realm. I am crazy about it.
Three coats, no topcoat. Juicy!
I found this at TJ Maxx for $3.99 (Take that Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure!).
This is from the 2014 Gwen Stephani Holiday collection. 

Still readily available online for a fair price.

It, too, does go dark.

Still, as with Vertigem, these are just lovely on their own despite donning the vamp pose in the dark.

Of course I compared them:

Top to bottom and left to right:
  • Hits Vertigem
  • OPI Christmas Gone Plaid
  • Hits Vertigem
  • OPI Christmas Gone Plaid
I think this photo shows how dark these can go.

The main difference is that the Hits is more of a pine green and OPI is more of a forest green.

Both are lovely, especially if you like green.

Only going to get one? Get the one that has the shade you like best, both are quite nice formulas.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.

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