Saturday, March 21, 2015

Knock Knock. Who's There? Olive. Olive Who? Olive YOU!!!

Don't know about you, but 6th grade was full of knock knock jokes.

I've had Maybelline Matte Olive for quite a while. At least 2-3 years. When all those Maybelline Mattes hit the Dollar Tree I grabbed early and often. This is one from that period.

(Edited 04132015 to add, am I senile? I apparently blogged this before in 2011. GAH! Sorry for the repeat. I think it was the fact that somehow I have THREE bottles and one was misplaces. Eep.)

I don't know their pedigree, but like textures today and crackles of a couple years ago, mattes were pretty much a "thing" when I first got into polish back in 2009. My brainiac notion was "hey I don't need that, I can just put a matte top coat over that!"

What is interesting about matte shimmers is that they seem to have a bit of extra oomph in their mattes versions. There are some OPI mattes shimmers I missed out on and regret it.

Enter Maybelline Matte Olive

Even though it is matte, it still sparkles. And there are no regrets here.

This is two coats and it is very dense like most gold caps. I had to thin it down, too.
It's a perfectly gorgeous color.

I am surprised that I was trying to blog sale this polish (psst, yes, my blog sale is up and running *points up to link at top of page* - I'll negotiate prices, these need to go), but it really is just a great color.  I think I can also work on trying this out as a stamping polish.

This polish plays a bit of a game with light: sometimes it looks very green, sometimes it's almost a gold. Werk!

Here it is with a top coat.

Shimmer galore.

Mattes can look a bit frosty and flat at times, but top coats help bring out the depth.

Trying to get rid of this polish was a case of the joke is on me.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!

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