Thursday, March 19, 2015

Shamrocks On The Green

Green of a special variety.

When I think of green, I think of this: intense, pure, and no-no-doubt-about-it-green!

Dance Legend 377

Three coats
Lovely rich luminescent bright green.

My camera made it more dusty, but it's a winner.

No top coat, very glossy.

Purchased at the Llarowe sale, so nice - both the sale and the polish!

From the Dance Legend "Enamel Mix" selection on their web site.

I recommend just browsing their site for the sheer eye candy.

Take a page, polish sellers: you don't need a flash heavy site! Just give a bottle shot and a couple of tasty swatches. 

SinfulColors Shamrockin'

I will admit that the large flower glitter needed some fishing, but this wasn't too painful. 

I like the combination of white and pale celery colored glitter. Best of all these are matte glitters.

Here's another photo with the SC bottle. I just thought I'd throw it in:

I think if I had planned a bit better I'd have turned the bottle upside down for a while and let more glitter slowly move toward the top before doing the mani, would have helped with the fishing of the large glitter.

I do wish there was more density on the smaller glitters. This is two coats

I believe at this point I put a top coat onto the whole thing, as the flowers are flat and my nails curve and well, you can imagine there was some incongruity.

Found this at Walgreens and it was a fluke because their selection in my area is sparse for new stuff.
It's a pretty little thing and may still be out at drug stores. I know there are similar indie polishes, but $2 is hard to beat. This further illustrates the influence that indies have on mainstream polish brands. 

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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