Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jellies Over Shimmers

Warm flickering fireplaces are what winter dreams are made of.

While others want to shush down mountain slopes, or climb an ice sheet, I'm happily indulging in a cup of hot cocoa and a crackling fire.

Whenever I layer jellies over shimmers, I get that glow, like embers.

First up is a fine shimmer and jelly combination:

Sally Hansen Tenacious Ruby over a Sally Hansen mini no name of a bright berry shade.

Shimmer can flatten out, but here it just smolders.

The win, for me anyhow, is that I can make this happen with any combo, just about, and don't need to look for those rare shimmers that have a "lit from within" quality.


Maybelline Colorama Cherry Pop over L'Oreal Coral Starfish. 

A neutral red over an orange jelly packed with glass fleck shimmer.

All of these are two coats of the main jelly color over the shimmer or glass fleck.
Larger shimmers and almost a glitter feel. 
This needed a topcoat, but in addition to my nemesis, lint, I'd put some cream on my hands and it dulled down the finish. 

Regarding the polishes, I believe nearly all have been blogged before, all are available on eBay for sure. I just checked and found them all. 

Meanwhile, please excuse me while I toss another log on the fire, will ya?

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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