Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lingerie Shopping for OPI's Give Me The Moon!

Sometimes a polish just works my last nerve.

OPI's Give Me The Moon! from their Night Brights collection is just one animal. (blogged here, by the way)

Won't play over black, won't really succeed from strength to strength alone over my nails, and over a pale pastel: it's blaaaah.

Enter China Glaze Recycle (this is a black label formula, not sure if the new version is different, so this is what I'm blogging about)

Perhaps the most perfect neutral gray as far as color, that I own. This has issues. It does need three coats, and it could be a bit better at self leveling. I had some unevenness.

The upside was that it was not too drippy into the cuticles, too being the operative term. It's so neutral, though, and that is it's strongest suite. And it's a true medium gray.

My guess is that there are a myriad of dupes. Also, this is listed on the China Glaze website, so it's not rare or hard to find. Very nice!

Since I'd not blogged this polish before, I didn't want to just ignore it. Sorry for the ho-hum review.

Here it is with OPI's Give Me The Moon!

Happy Dance!

This is a tad bit underexposed so that you can see the blue shimmer - my favorite thing about this polish.

GMTM! was in my blog sale box for a long time. I've tried it out on a lot of polishes, only to find myself distracted by the discomfiting feeling that it looked like I'd painted my nails in the dark, after downing 6 espresso shots.

It was a matter of finding the correct lingerie for this polish.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Very pretty! That's a good combination. =)

    1. Hey! Thanks so much! It's nice to finally be able to really wear this polish!


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