Saturday, January 31, 2015

Berry-ations Part 1

Wanted to do a random batch of swatches. I've had a lot of these for a long time. Dang, time to get them tried out!

All are three coats, none have top coats.

Pulled out a bunch of berry-ish polishes and had at it!

Sparitual Worldly Wise

Soft mulberry that pushes into the mauve rose category. Lovely little polish. I think my photo here is a touch light, though.

Not sure where I got this one, but I think it was a Spiritual sale, quite some time ago. It's no longer on their website. I looked it up to figure out what collection if was from, but couldn't find it, it barely shows up on the radar. So odd.

L'Oreal Sophisticate

Deeper glossy raspberry rose that I love quite a bit. 
Glossy finish, sans topcoat is always a win.

Found at the ol' Dollar Tree. I never even saw these in the main drug stores, which is weird because I got this only a couple of years ago. Odd.

Misa Push Upon It

This is from their Living In The Fast Lane collection from when I was really just starting out in polish, about 2009. Beautiful self-leveling creme. 

Rich raspberry that sends feelers into the red family.

I believe I purchased this from my usual online etailers, it's been quite a while. 
Need to wear this one more often.
Zero oddness.

Essie Tribeca

Very similar to Spiritual Worldly Wise, but more blue toned. My photo is a bit darker, though.
Glossy finish, but sheer. 

This could be used to make a pretty crelly. Might do that after a few wearings. 

I tried to google to find out what collection this was in, but dang, it's not to be found. More oddness.

Purchased, I think, either at a blog sale or eBay.

Here are some comparisons:

Same order left to right
Sparitual, L'Oreal, Misa, Essie

Here the top row is one coat, middle is two, bottom shows a bit better variation between the L'Oreal and Misa, they aren't really as close as they look in these photos.


This is with my flash, so it really brightens things up.
(I seem to have a ton of water bottles around! I recycle, but dang, odd!)

Weirdly enough, as I tried to let you know where you might find these polishes for purchase, only the Misa showed up. 
The other three were like ephemera, lost on the ether.
Although the L'Oreal was fairly commonplace about 2-3 years ago at the Dollar Trees I browsed through, it's nearly invisible now. Plenty of L'Oreal on eBay, but not much of the "Steel Color" stuff.

In a couple days I'll post part 2,  plus a bonus!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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