Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! Cleanup, Updates, Onward!

So, I've been doing this baby since 2009, autumn, if I recall.

I still enjoy it and I really appreciate my readers. Thank you, truly!

2015...A GO!

This year, I plan to break out more finishes, more stamping, and keep the pace up. I still need to strenuously work on cuticles and photography, but my long slow trod seems to be paying off.

Other Social Media?

I've added a Tumblr link in the right hand side. The goal here is to post some current mani's that are the same that I've blogged before with a little bit of either better detail, or some different application.

After ignoring a lot of other social media, I found that I liked Tumblr's format, simple, quick, etc. Not a big fan of the other ones, inasmuch as I don't know if I have enough content to prevent burnout.

On that Note...

A few days ago I went through the blogs that I follow and found at least 15 of the over 250 blogs I do follow are either gone (*poof!*) or made private. This usually comes about when I read my feed and I see a blog has turned into some other thing like a gamer page or weird diet advert. I was sad to lose a bunch of blogs that had some fine photos to enjoy. I guess burnout, life, change happens. I miss several of them, a lot!

Are blogs dead?

I googled "are blogs dead" and got 288,000,000 results.
I googled "are blogs still relevant" and got 108,000,000 results.

Randomly that is almost a 3:1 ratio against, but I love blogs because of their epistolary quality. I may not be able to do it on my phone (blast you iPhone and Google! Get along!), but as a kid who started a journal back in 6th grade, this is a natural extension of myself.

It ain't dead to me, mate.

Adverts here?

Not sure yet. Google ads bugged me, for the oddest reason, so I thought I'd try them out. I'm probably going to delete them in a few weeks. I feel like it's not adding to my personal aesthetic for this burg so I may just delete them sooner. Sorry for experimenting on you!

That doesn't mean I might not add my own banners and links to things that are nice and I feel are important ( Plus I think I will add a list of online places I've had good luck working with.


Finally. Yes, finally. I am trying to upgrade my photos, lighting, cuticles, cleanup, moisturizing, etc. The usual.

Once again, thanks for reading and have a great 2015!


  1. I do feel blogs seem to be falling away and moving more towards tumbler and instagram but I'm glad you aren't leaving! I like the process of blogging and sharing thoughts. Happy New Year!


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