Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Nars Full Metal Jacket

I love my Nars polishes.

Received Full Metal Jacket as a Christmas gift a few years ago and have finally gotten around to wearing it! Ack!

Personally, I love dark gray.  It's very wearable and looks upscale compared to black. 

This is a fine shimmer with a frosty highlight to it. Hard to fault the color, but I will admit that I like my Orlane 92 better.

 The formula: It was thin, runny and slow to dry. Quite a let down. 

I love the shade. I regret unloading a deep gray Markwins that worked like a charm. Argh! Nail polish is one of those areas where price does not necessarily reflect performance.
So, while this one goes in the blogsale pile, I still have Misa It's You! to keep me happy. 

Now that winter finally arrived, dragging it's  heels after a long Seattle-like autumn, I am glad for the snow, crisp days, and chilly nights. 

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