Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Milani Sail Away

Hey folks!

Thought I'd start the year with one of my favorite colors: Blue!

It's Milani's Sail Away:

It's a gorgeous deep royal blue with silvery shimmer flecks swimming densely through the mix.

I really think my photo makes them look green, but that is the possibly my lighting, which is fluorescent.

This was acquired at the "Good Ol' Dollar Tree", which always bears fruit.

From my quick google this was a new shade in 2012, but the official Milani website appears to have purged this shade. It's hard to fault Milani polish, in my estimation their formula outpaces every single drugstore polish I've tried. Better still, they have come out with dupes of high end polishes, great glitters, and some killer creme shades.
A worthy brand I seldom see getting the "boost" it definitely deserves.

If you have a Dollar Tree, check it out, I was just there the other day and saw some Milani polish.

This is three coats, but two would have done the job very nicely.

Thank you so much for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I got this at DT as well, maybe last summer? Love this!

    1. Isn't it a great little polish? I love it, too!


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