Monday, December 1, 2014

Part 2 of the China Glaze Magnetix II Swatch-athon and Stamping!

Here we are, Part 2!!

I've had an urge to stamp. I still wouldn't toot my horn as a stamping blogger, but I wanted to stop doing one thing: casually mentioning that polish would be perfect for stamping without stamping with it! Never again!

That's just lazy "if so, then" thinking. 

Empirical is it for stamping.

So I have the set of densely packed Magnetix II by China Glaze and I thought I better have my way with them before I actually started to pack on assumptions about them.

First I tried them over white polish.

I honestly had the worst time with the large-area stamps. Like the ring finger above, I had to wrestle to get them off the stamper.

Gold Fusion and Positively in Love were the easiest and had the best coverage, followed by Get Charged and Con-Fused in equal measure. Finally Sparks Will Fly and Bond-Tastic brought up the rear. 

My stamper is a squishy silicone one that I got in an old "stamping machine" set at Ross years ago. It fits in place of the rubber one on my Konad stamper. I kind of wonder if I need the rubber stamper instead? These seemed to dry very fast, which made actual adhesion to the nail a challenge. 

Patience was tried. I repainted my nails many a time to get a new base, then I'd flummox a stamp because it would not stick.

All my assertions to myself about how great these would be as stamping polishes flew out the window. 

Next I did a skittle or two of the Magnetix to see if they'd show up over their own darker colors.

See how much like peacock Sparks Will Fly looks? So much for purple shift!

Again, Gold Fusion comes out on top. Get Charged did a decent job, but Positively in Love didn't really stamp well at all. Con-fused and Sparks Will Fly did ok, though wasn't a real win. Bond-Tastic, well, not a lot of "tastic" to it, in fact. 

So. I humbly retract all "I'm so smart" assertions about stamping polishes.

I admit I 50% bought this pack because I had stamped with an Essence magnetic polish in the past it had been so good. 

I think the lesson here is that some do a great job and some don't. 

I will be working on a page of stamping polishes and adding samples. It's a work in progress, but helpful I hope.

As far as the China Glaze Magnetix go, they are not even on the China Glaze web site, so they must have been a limited edition.  Personally I won't be hunting down the first iteration. 

These polishes can still be found around the web ranging from just over $2 to just under $10.  

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Good to know! I bought so many magnetics when they were a thing and hadn't really thought about their stamping potential.

    1. They definitely are 2 coaters, but I need to experiment with stamping. Bond-Tastic over white is a giraffe coat design and looks nothing like it.
      Still, seems like they have potential! ;D


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