Saturday, November 29, 2014

Part 1 of a China Glaze Magnetix II Swatch-athon and Stamping Sampling

Hi sweet people!

Mea culpa on the hiatus, I sure didn't plan it. Life is a changing thing and unfortunately the blog fell to the back of the list on too many days.

I found China Glaze Magnetix (II apparently, I did not know there was a I) at Ross as a fluke many months ago, perhaps even a year.
Here's the box:

As I've just finished putting together Helmer number 5 (hoping to unload a Melmer that just drives me crazy) I am buying a lot less.

So this is part of my main goal: swatching!

If you've read my blog, I've been pretty free and easy supporting one coaters as a potential stamping polish. I've changed my policy: not until I've stamped with them will I go down that garden path again.

First the polishes, then the stamping.

Some basics:

  • No top coats
  • All are two coats
  • Some have a bit of a frost to them
  • None are magnetized. Homey don't play that way. ;]


Beautiful terra cotta shade. I have a couple of similar shades, I love these, very retro.

That silvery sheen of frost helps make it pop. Otherwise this would be a fairly bland creme.

Dense, easy to apply.

Gold Fusion

Rich metallic gold. I feel a gold comparison coming on because this does remind me of Color Club's Golden Girl from their Haute Browns collection, link here.

Dense, pretty easy to manipulate. Dried to a satin finish.

The pinkie looks darker, but it's only due to a shadow.

Get Charged

Another rather modern shade of purple. Understated, very demure. Silvery frost like Bond-Tastic.

This wasn't as tight as Gold Fusion or Bond-Tastic, but it was actually not impossible. I did do cleanup on this one, though.

In the same family of purples as Dior Silver Purple and Maybelline Purple Rage, blogged here.


I really love the color of this one, but it was a bit patchy, even at two coats. Brushstrokes abound, too.

Though it covered in two coats, a third would definitely have helped.

I don't hate it, who hates green? I sure don't!

Sparks Will Fly

Pretty medium blue that goes into the teal/peacock realm in warmer light.

In the bottle there really was a color shift, it was one of the reasons I picked up the set. But alas, there is nothing on the nail.

Bit of a brushstroke shimmer. Not very memorable on the nail. It was a let down for me.

Positively In Love

In keeping with the electric theme, they added a gorgeous electric purple. It's my favorite in the bunch.

A bit loose, but not bad, but the payoff is great.  Very metallic. Like the rest, it turns more satin-y when I don't top coat it.

This is the end of part one, part two real soon!!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!

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