Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatches Part 1 of 2

Last year I bought a bunch of Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes on their big $9 sale.

For some reason this year they didn't have the big one. I really love the colors I have, was hoping to get more.

This year, on December 8 through the 12th, there is a 30% off gift card available to purchase. This means that a $20 bottle of polish is a $14 bottle when you buy it with your gift card. I kind of wish they'd have that $9 sale again! That was epic. 
The gift card does help, though.

No affiliation, no one is sending me polish to review,  these are my own purchases. 

I am debating about the gift card. If you are thinking about it, I thought a few swatches would be helpful.

I'll post the rest pretty soon.

First up a pretty unique polish, Black Russian:

Densely packed red glitter and shimmer in a black base. It never devolves to total blackness, but the red is a really nice, deep one, so it doesn't look like a holiday type of polish. 

Three coats.  No top coat.

I have an LED light that causes the speckle effect, it's not texture on the surface of the nail.

The hardest to photograph, but quite a gorgeous polish, Lotus Elise:

Three solid coats of luxe glass fleck glitters in a rich strawberry red jelly base. What I could not capture was the pink, purple, red, and amber shades of glitter. 

I might be able to muscle through a layering to recreate this polish, but it is a gorgeous polish. Striking.

Finally, my favorite, Pause:

Two coats. No top coat.

Super saturated purple with a luscious pink shimmer. 

Really my favorite purple. Hard to fault. I adore this one a lot. 

More quite soon.

Ever since the beginning of November, my cuticles have been a riotous hot mess, despite extensive moisturizing. Argh!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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