Saturday, December 27, 2014

On a Midnight Clear

Though I think I grabbed this one out of the sale bin while I was randomly near a Sally Beauty, I can't be sure.
Its Finger Paints holiday 2013, which was a texture collection.

Since it's still the afterglow of the Christmas holiday around here, best of all finally the snow has arrived, I'm posting this holiday polish.

Finger Paints Winter Chill

In a deep maroon brown base, it is looooaded with micro glitters in purple, pink, red, blue, green. In my bottle the bottom corner revealed some amber color shift, but on the nail it's just not even a discussion point.

From left to right I've got:
One or two coats over black with a top coat
Two coats alone with a top coat
One or two coats over black no top coat
Three coats alone with no top coat.

As you can see you really need that third coat. A black base just helps things all around.

I like it the best over black with a healthy dose of top coat to smooth it out. Then it becomes a little bit of a twinkling in the midnight clear of a long winter's night.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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