Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wrapping Paper Layering

The big day's coming any minute! (It's here in some parts of the world!!)

Santa will be here leaving gifts full of pretty paper and bows and ribbons!

My favorite part of Christmas, to be honest, is the anticipation. 

Here are a pair of holiday layerings

I love green and navy packages, it's an "alternative" to the classic, so I had to put China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses and Essie Stroke of Brilliance together. Love it!

First I laid down a couple coats of the China Glaze, then alternated them finishing with the Essie.

Here is China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses alone, I haven't blogged it yet.

Kelly green jelly packed with silver tinsel-y silver glitters. This was a down and dirty swatch for color's sake.

This is a franken, Jemma Blue, I did a while back. A bit sheer, I still wanted to use it again before I tweaked it. I put this one over silver then put Sally Hansen Razzle glitter over the top.

Reminds me of that paper that has the frosted snow scenes in silvery glitter texture.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Merry Christmas one an all!

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