Monday, October 13, 2014

William Tell Me About It, Stud

I found OPI's William Tell Me About It in a bin at TJ Maxx ('cuz I'm a Maxx-inista! - is that like a Sandanista, because if it is, I'm not so sure about it) for the princely sum of $3.99. Who doesn't love a dark purple that has a great formula?

It's a complete formula win. OPI generally is, and I get the buzz. I will say that their Swiss collection was full of nice surprises. This is no exception.

The left side is what it basically looks like all the time.


That's vamps for you!

On the right is a blown-out shot to see the actual purple in it.

I then took a no name Markwin polish I found in a set at Ross. I am not sure if I blogged it before, but it's similar to Lincoln Park After Midnight.

Here is William Tell Me About It with this unnamed Markwin polish.

It is quite lovely for autumn. Rather dark, but there's always a place for a vamp.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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