Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Subtle Examined

It's not  that I don't adore the rich, lush, deep autumnal shades, but there is a side of me that appreciates the understate colors I'm seeing this autumn.

I had found Milani's top coat remaindered to the Dollar Tree, so I hit both of mine to grab every bottle I could find. As an aside, these are really a nice quick dry top coat that is thick enough to cover the new texture polishes, a real boon making these polishes more versatile.

Back to the Dollar Tree.

Of course I was fairly surprised to find a few Revlons and Maybelline Color Shows up for grabs. In an ever present desire to not go too apish!t at the Dollar Tree, I only picked up a few, along with the top coats.

To the swatches!

Maybelline Alluring Rose

This one shifts from a neutral bronze with a rosy tint playing the role of understudy. Very beautiful.

It also shifts into a greenish gold, as well. Nice. So subtle.

But a sheer polish. This took a solid three coats over an opaque nude beneath, and a fourth would not have been unwelcome.

Revlon Snow Bunny

This is a straight up glass fleck. It is a soft platine shade that reflects a subtle pink and green shimmer in the glass fleck. I could not capture this, unfortunately.
Three coats, too thin, in my opinion to be a real star, and very similar to some polishes I blogged before, I'm not going to do too many permutations.

Here it is over the Maybelline:

The duo chrome is pretty much quashed and you see a pretty, metallic nude.
Not bad.
Office A-OK.

Finally I pulled out a black to use as a base for Maybelline Alluring Rose:

Quite lovely.

You can see the rosy blush a bit more and gilt shimmer. Sheer, but workable.

I don't follow Maybelline closely, so I don't know if Alluring Rose was merely an also ran or a limit edition.

Ultimately the Dollar Tree is hard to resist. If you do peek in, grab those Milani Quick Dry Top Coats, it's absolutely a must have in at a dollar a bottle.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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