Monday, October 20, 2014

Finger Paints Puts on a Gala - Holiday 2014

A petite four polish collection by Finger Paints that merits closer examination.

Ostensibly I went in to Sally Beauty get Queen for a Night, but when I saw them, I realized they all really were perfect for the autumn.

Jewel tones are so flattering. What's not to love?

Some preliminaries...or preamble?
Three coats,  no top coat. Two coats would have done as well.

These have a bit of a contrasting flake/micro glitter concept which I really like a lot. Mainly why I picked them up.

All photos are taken beneath my color corrected lamps.

Let's just roll them out, shall we?

Ball Gown Glamour

Suddenly the buzz is "emerald" - but in truth those of us who love polish knew that this was a great color already.
Gently mixed in is a gold flake that really doesn't show up very well unless you enlarge the photos. Even then, it's subtle. Not a heavy handed gold at all, in truth too  much would muddy up the green and extract the blue leaving "green" and not "emerald"

This one you can see the gold flake a bit better.

I, for one, don't wear green near my face, however, I love it on my hands. Love it.

Of course after I'd finished swatching I noticed the lint. GAH!

Dance Til Dawn

The flakes in this one are amazing. There are two kinds: pink and gold. Yowza!

Love this one also. The gold, again, isn't too heavy, nor does it muddy up the base, as I've seen in a number of recent "gold and cool" shades together this year. Gold loves warm shades like reds, but purples, blue greens and blues can be betrayed too much.

I really like this one, too.

Queen For A Night

This one is creating a lot of buzz. It's a gorgeous polish. The gold, pink, blue and green micro glitter and flakes works marvelously. It reminds me of a microglitter/flake version of Kendall on the Katwalk by NOPI. Similar concept of complementary colors in the blue base.


A stand out, for sure, but not my favorite!

Masked Beauty

This is my favorite.
Absolutely in a class by itself.

If you missed Dazzled by Gold, but love the cool/warm metallic feel of that kind of polish, you'll probably want this one.
It's much cooler, no real comparison in regard to color as this one is much cooler, but it's a strong contender for being so lovable because it's got that play of light/dark and warm/cool.


This is the one true metallic whereas the rest are shimmers.

A tidy little holiday treat.

Thank you so much for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Very pretty! Though I'm not so sure about the gold (I never am); will have to check it out with my skintone and see. I didn't realize Masquerade Affair was their holiday collection--though other brands have theirs out so I guess I should have entertained the possibility. :)

    1. It probably isn't holiday, now that I think about it, but just their fall collection. But is sure feels like a party, such rich colors.


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