Tuesday, October 28, 2014

All Hallows' Eve

Have some Halloween stamping up for you.

Let's jump in, I'll keep the preamble to a minimum!

Found the XY11 plate on eBay after seeing an autumn stamping image of the leaves and went hunting for it.
Wasn't sure it would arrive, but it made it!

Here's the plate:

It's from China and I think it's a myriad of holiday designs that are good for covering your nails.

Words! Words! Words!
(who doesn't like to quote from an Audrey Hepburn movie?)

My nails are pretty little, so I didn't fit all of the word Halloween on there, but you get the gist.

I uses my usual WnW Nail Craze Inferno, but put it over Picture Polish Sunset, which is blogged here. Mine is less orange than the photo in the link, it's more pink tinged, so I don't know if it has changed, but it's a nice base for WnW Inferno.

(Ever been to Carlsbad Caverns?)

I love bats, they are awesome little mammals.
This reminded me of my visit to the caverns and all the bats emerging at dusk. It sure beats repeatedly stamping one or two bats. Nice. Dense. No pull-up marks. I love this plate.

My top coat did let me down. Pewp.

This is over the same combo and you can see I pulled out my same old bottle of Nail Art Diva from a now-defunct automatic nails stamper.

Day of the Living Dead
(homage to the seminal zombie flick, which always led me to wonder, why if the zombies are so slow, do people still get "got"? OK it was late, and I am the demographic outlier that doesn't like zombie flicks)

God what a fail.

This is from a delicious Moyou plate that I couldn't wait to buy. And like many of these artistic plates, my nails are dinky by comparison.

I wanted to get multi-colors for a sugar skull effect. Not much love. Not. much. love. at. all.

Here's the plate:

Isn't it just a tasty thing?

I think I need to re-purpose this for something else. *sob*

I have a soft spot for DotD because I used to live in El Paso and it was celebrated prominently.

You can't win them all, eh?

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal! More H'ween action coming up, soon!

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