Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Princessa No Name Purple, Misa Sugar Daddy

Remaining in the realm of toppers, I've got Misa Sugar Daddy. Another double duty polish!

Here it is alone:

I love this color, it's just a beautiful white glass fleck shimmer.

Most whites I'm not a big fan of: I've got to say they are great for bases, stamping, marbling, sponge bases, etc, but alone, I feel like it's not me. this is more my speed.

Four coats, but still with a white base it's perfect. I think, also, over a pastel, it would be super great.

Ok, I put it over a pretty nice purple that has an alarming formula, which is sad, because it really is quite a lovely color.

It imparts a glistening white glass fleck shimmer. You can see a slight green/pink shift, too. It's a little milky, but still very nice.

One coat.

Here's the purple:

Very rich, but would not dry. Ach! Pain! No! Ugh!
To be honest, I haven't delved into my purples with a purpose, so I've got something similar and don't mind getting it moved on. Still, it's pretty regal. Someone else might be able to use it.

Found the Princessa at Ross in a pack that, in general, turned out to be a fail. Misa Sugar Daddy found at an etailer. Love it!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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