Friday, October 3, 2014

Sweet Pleasures, of Toppers

Back from Topperland, brought over Misa Sweet Pleasure.

She's a beauty.

Unapologetic blue shimmer that really just springs into action with one coat. Even some shifts into scant pink. Crazy pretty. The current favorite right now.

Pretty hard to stop gushing, but this is such a nice polish. All the Misa's have been cooperative, which is just a pleasure.

Popped it over a L.A. Colors I found either in a Ross pack or at the Dollar Tree, thought I'd blogged it before, but apparently I haven't. It's a luminous purple that leans a little crelly-ish, but not really sheer at all, just glowing. Nice

Three coats, not too loose at all. Very much a Crayola shade of purple.

Misa Sweet Pleasure was found online at an etailer. These run just under $4. Even with inflated shipping, they are a good price. I never see Misa in a salon setting, which is ironic since they've geared their packaging to work well in that environment.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I have to agree I love sweet pleasure, I really love it on it's own so pretty!


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