Monday, September 29, 2014

Lolli Jolly by Misa - All Aboard the Topper Train!!

Hello again! I've got Misa Lolli Jolly here today.

Another great polish that has a double life. Love a double life!

First as a solo act:

This is four coats, no top coat, but really just love this one.
It's translucent, yet it built to a dense glass fleck dolly. Love it.

Here it is over Revlon No Shrinking Violet

Delicate glass fleck topper with a faint pink sheen.

One coat.

It has a vaguely milky quality, but it also seems to not overwhelm the color beneath it.

Hard to fault. Misa is such an underrated brand!

Here's No Shrinking Violet, so you can see how it is affected by the topper.

I have blogged this one before, and almost dumped it, but kept it and really decided that it was worth it. It's a nice formula, dries well and really ranges from a soft gray purple to a rich eggplant.
Blogged here, and you can see how gray it can look as well.

Found the Revlon at Ross and found the Misa on an etailer's site.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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