Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Topper Time, Again

KPT Polish is a lovely indie out of California, as their Facespace page indicates.

I need to delve more into this brand, because I love their aesthetic.

I have KPT's Green Awakening, a layering polish lover's dream.

I've put it over Milani Rad Purple:

Beautiful amber to green shifting shimmer with delicate multi shade iridescent glitter throughout in such a subtle way that it really makes it quite a cool little polish.

The shift, well, oh my!

Most tasty. Most beautiful.

This came to me by way of a blog sale. Sometimes that is the best way to try indies. After a mega-fail from one, never began to look like the photo, I lost interest, but as I blog sale around and pick up faves and unknowns, these don't disappoint.

This one sure did NOT!

Here is the bottle shot:

Understated, but fully on par with all the shifting toppers in my arsenal.

More toppers coming, I feel like I need to jump into the deep end with those.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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